EAS @ School is an innovative program that brings premier test prep and college admission programs on-site at local high schools. It's an effective way to provide the highest quality PSAT, SAT, ACT, PARCC, CAPT and NYS Regents prep programs to your school's community and make test preparation accessible to all students.

EAS @ School would like to partner with your program. We can provide on-site test preparation courses to meet the needs of your school, program, company, or department.

Our personable and professional staff can create a classroom based, onsite program that fits the needs of both your students and your budget. We are an established New York based test prep leader in live and online classroom based courses. When you choose us, you will have the trust of an established company with the flexibility and resources to implement a successful test prep solution for your particular program. Our on-site test preparation courses are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your students. We hope that your school will consider partnering with us.

Our Partnerships

We have had many successful relationships with middle and high schools in the New York metropolitan area. Each of our partnership receives thoughtful consideration and careful analysis so that we can provide the most appropriate and beneficial program for your students. We provide individual attention to each of our partnerships and all of our partners work exclusively with our top management team. We have the most customized programs and curriculum available.

What Courses and Workshops do you Offer?
We offer test preparation courses for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, PARCC, CAPT and NYS Regents. We also offer workshops to prepares high school students for the increasingly competitive college admission process by providing the following services:

  • How to write an Effective Personal Statement
  • How apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • How to Write Your College Application Resume
  • How to Get a Great Letter of Recommendation
  • How to Create an Effective Admissions Calendar with Deadlines and Reminders
  • How to Select of Possible College Major(s)
  • How to Pick Extracurricular Activities in High School

We also offer a variety of college preparation workshops for parent organization (PTA/PTO/PTSA) to increase their membership and parent involvement. Topics of workshops include, but not limited to:

  • College Admissions Today
  • Creating Strong College Applications
  • Introduction to Financial Aid
  • Building College Essays
  • Transition to College

You can choose an individual workshop or combine a series of workshops to provide for your organization. Contact us at 646-481-8216 or [email protected] for further information.

EAS@ School Programs